from stage to page…

Spring is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate the turn of the season than with a reading or two?

cranesjpg-c0c632d94033c1b4_largeComing up next month a shared guest spot with writer and poet Sarah James at the ever popular Poetry Bites hosted at the Kitchen Garden cafe in Kings Heath. The same week will see a reading at the Cheltenham Poetry Festival (you can download the full festival programme here) with support from actor and writer Eley Furrell. April? – a reading at Liz Lefroy’s Shrewsbury Coffeehouse Poetry alongside other performances from Charles Wilkinson, Colin Sutherill, Bill Milner, Olli Jones, Jeff PhelpsCarol Forrester.

More readings to come in May – just awaiting confirmation. However I can come confirm that on June 17th I will be performing on the notorious Blues Bus in London alongside esteemed poet and publisher-editor Robert Vas Dias. I’m very excited about this one…

Click on red for dates, times and booking information. For any other queries please contact me directly.

Here’s to Spring everyone…

Early Spring

Clear as to be almost
absent, the fracture of whittled
snow geese feathers
the wing’s lifting landmass – today

I count a melting of snowflakes.
A land full of water, ice, small crystals
hanging from the rose-berries.

Thumbprints in the dew-prints of snow.
Where the blood of the sun and her decades
bores the wind’s scattered howl

hurrying a well of womblight, of soft fury
– at last

a ghostly anchor of mist
uncaves the hatchet
off the dumb world

brings harvest
to the lamped beak.

From Sudden rainfall published 2013, Perdika Press. 


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