écriture corporelle – a ‘bodily writing’

What is a ‘Bodily Writing’?

Inspired by the poet Stéphane Mallarmé and his  ‘écriture corporelle’ Bodily Writing is a radical interdisciplinary project exploring the potential dialogue between dance and poetry. Since its launch in 2014, it is fast becoming one of the most researched interdisciplinary arts projects in Europe. It is currently the only project of its kind happening in the UK.

Dance and poetry share a sense of music and form. They communicate with an audience through sound and rhythm, and occupy areas of white space. This is the starting point of the Bodily Writing project – exploring dance as ‘potential poetics’ and poetry, choreography of the page.

There are three artists working on this project – Marie-Louise Crawley (choreographer) myself and Hayley Frances (writer, facilitator, spoken word artist.  In our practice, and R& D, we choreograph movement from the page,  write from movement, and explore how the two art forms can inform, develop and deepen an understanding of each other.  Although this is an incredibly young project, we have already facilitated two major Bodily Writing workshops; at Poetry International (July 2014) and The Birmingham Literature Festival (October 2014) with a forthcoming event scheduled for Festival 8. Sharing findings with the public – through discussion and creative activity, is valuable research – testing both arenas of dance and poetry, illuminating their strengths as single subjects, but also staging the idea that there need not be barriers between them.

And there’s more. From August 2015, we will begin rehearsals preparations for a new performance. It will be produced independently,  with the aim of touring nationally and internationally. Workshops and R & D are ongoing.

Project website 

Bodily Writing @ Poetry International, The Southbank Centre

‘LAST ACT’ – bodily writing workshop @The Birmingham Literature Festival


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