#Vanguardontour ORT Cafe, March 19th

On Saturday March 19th (that’s this weekend) the Vanguard Readings come to Birmingham.

If you don’t know what “Vanguard” means then, read on:

“Vanguard Readings, founded in 2011, and its publishing arm Vanguard Editions, founded in 2014, were both set up to promote the work of new writers and established authors in print and performance.

Vanguard Readings happen monthly, with a series of short readings by new writers and established authors. There are 6 writers per event, both published and unpublished, reading for around 10 minutes each.”

No frills, no fuss, basically. Just good old fashioned poetry and performance at its best.


This year, Vanguard is going on tour. And that’s to the ever connective world of Facebucket, is now coming to the ORT cafe in Birmingham. 

The event is FREE. Starts at 7.30pm. Doors 7pm. Drink, food, laughter, all to be expected. Don’t expect this to go on for hours on end with weird djembe intersections. Because it won’t. I promise you won’t leave with a long chin and have extended lower eyelids as a result of too many poems.

FEATURED POETS: Emma Purshouse, Jane Commane, Richard Skinner, David Clarke, David Calcutt. 

And me, that’s not important.

Queries please contact: ortcafe@gmail.com / calcutt.helen@gmail.com