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Featuring Jacqui Rowe, Sarah Leavesly, and David Calcutt, this month’s Brum Radio Poets goes topical with a debate on one of the hottest lit gossips to date – inequality in publishing, particularly in poetry, and of women.

Vida, championing women’s literature in America and the UK, provide the statistics, casing that in 2014 the majority of leading publishers had heavily male centred coverage. One of the worst culprits was found to be the London Review of Books which featured 527 male authors compared with just 151 female.  This same imbalance can be said for publications such as The New York Review of Books, and The New York Times.


But there is an upside. These figures are at odds with the publishing industry in the UK, where some of the biggest-selling writers of 2014 were all women – with some of the larger names in poetry including Sarah Howe, and Alice Oswald.

However while there has been a notable shift, some still believe that we have a long way to go.

Tune in this Sunday, 11am with Brum Radio, to hear the full story. The show will also be broadcast in Waterstones, Birmingham. So if you feel the need to stand a peruse a shelf of books while listening then go for it.

To wet your appetite further, we have three pre-recorded poems from member from each member the panel. Each very different, each making for wonderful additional listening. Listen to them here. 

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