Front page news, that isn’t politics

Stuff all that politics nonsense. “Bird”, wanted by ten other journals (yes, ten!) appears on the front page news of Ink, Sweat and Tears today.

Ink & Sweat…is probably one of the only reputable on-line journals publishing in the U.K. – partly because of it’s editorial team (Helen Ivory is editor-in-chief) partly because of the quality of the work it publishes. Nothing disappoints. I hope the same can be said for my poem today.

bird 2

I want to note that ‘Bird’ is dedicated to my dear friend and mentor, Mario Petrucci. I’m currently reading through Petrucci’s latest manuscript, which is simply impeccable. He is sadly, a dying breed of modernist poets. There’s being witty and innovative with language – and then there’s simply bleeding it out, thread by thread, after years needling the point at an old desk. Petrucci’s latest collection from Nine Arches ‘anima’ is a revolutionary statement in itself – the way the words are collected and formed on the page, not in the content. The ideas themselves are simple; submitting to the contradictions of love, mortality, and doubt.

In this poem, which came instantly and ‘in one take’ I felt I’d captured that same sense of simplicity – coupled with the a moment of sadness (the sense of the moment too, I wanted to capture) in the realisation that the ability of one person to reach out to the world, and effect it through language, isn’t a constant thing. There’s only ever one bird.

There are several other layers too, more complex. But I won’t indulge myself.

This poem is also for anyone who understands the 3-6pm lull, especially in Summer. That time of day when the afternoon starts to slip, but the evening is still a long way off. There’s no inspiration, everything’s lacklustre. It’s also probably the worst time to try and sit down and write something.

So here it is. It’s short. I hope you enjoy.

P.S. I’m kidding about the politics nonsense. Get involved if you can.