Need a Trump distraction? How about Sex and Death….

Sex and Death

At the beginning of the week, I posted a blog about the Sex and Death exercise. And you all loved it. Thank you for abandoning yourselves and diving in head first.

Here’s one fine example of what you could achieve. ‘Intimate’ (or public display of affection) and ‘Undoing’ are two poems from Nina Lewis , both written using the s&d method. Which poem was inspired by which theme? How do they overlap? Bringing these two elements together; sex and death – taps into the  death ‘vitality’ that Hughes spoke of, the stringently opposed, but coherent life line that divides but also bridges the way between. I really enjoyed reading these poems; they were an immediate feast for the eyes and ears. I’m sure you’ll agree….

Intimate, (or public displays of affection)

They cover your naked layer.
Liberal use of embalming fluids,
make up your face,
offer a living expression of ease
about your lips, colour your skin
almost back to life.
Trust that it will be to our satisfaction.

When we come, we don’t will you back to life
caught in the stillness of afterwards
whilst our worlds are still spinning,
we look to your mouth to recall wise words
that came before, remember the treasure you gave us.

In this most personal act
we stretch over your casket with love,
lust for hidden strength
to understand why you were taken, now.

Bonded to fear,
we can taste the bitter morning after the phone call.
In the silence of the chapel of rest
we sense the pull of life, a gift.
The memory of knowing.


I lie back
freeze every thought of regret,
let you settle into me,
a weightless death of the world about us.
My head fills with you,
spontaneous combustion.

You take me heavenward
I call out to God,

Lying on white sheets
we allow the strangeness of thought,
for a while, just after
we embrace,
hold each other’s dreams in the dark.
Small words, almost whispers.

We make plans, cry tears when we fail.
We fail over and over.
We try to forget the cost of it
free ourselves from guilt.

Flowers are bought,
roses are given water
and we start over.