84 is a new anthology of poetry on the subject of male suicide, as well as sub-themes of mental health, vulnerability, grief, and hope.

This is a deeply personal project for me.  I lost my eldest brother in September 2017,  and know that nothing can prepare for you for the damage of something so sudden and inexplicable. I wanted to create a book that could be a touch-stone. A readily available source of light and comfort, as well as a gathering of truths. Thanks to the compassion and creativity at Verve Poetry Press, the full support from the charity CALM, and all your generous donations, 84 is now very real in the making.

Published by Verve, and edited by me, the anthology will feature a host of male and female voices sharing their experiences of suicide, mental health, or grief – from those who have been on the brink of suicide, to those who have lost a loved one, or been moved by the campaign. We see this anthology as both an uncensored exposure of truths, as well as a celebration of the strength and courage of those willing to write and talk about their experiences, using the power of language to openly address and tackle an issue that directly affects a million people every year.

This book will be for everyone – from those who have lost a loved one to suicide, to those who want to support the call for action, and deepen their understanding of the crisis.

Submission Guidelines

For full submission guidelines please visit: https://anthology84.wordpress.com/

Please refrain from sending work for consideration via this website.

Thank you.