Since Unable Mother came into being, people have asked me what the book is about. We know it’s about motherhood, of course. But why the phrase ‘Unable Mother’. What can and/or does this mean? In many ways I’ve avoided answering this question directly, as ideally¬† I’d like the writing to speak for itself. But after […]

On average 84 men kill themselves every week in the UK. This is unacceptable. For me – it’s not just that they’re dying. It’s that they’re choosing to die. Reasons can range from financial problems, to abuse within the home. My beautiful older brother Matthew (featured above) took his own life 6 months ago. The […]

Here’s a lovely writing prompt for you all. A few months ago I shared a writing exercise called Sex and Death. In honour of my Writing Motherhood workshop this weekend, I’ve adapted it to suit the theme, with Labour and Swimming. First, here are the steps:¬† Write as many words, phrases, or sentences you can […]