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Grief is like a miracle

opening your mouth for water, and finding rain.

I have a new little poem out today, ‘Grief is like a miracle’ published by Wild Court. Thank you to Robert for publishing, and the wonderful Zoe Bridgley Thompson for her insigtful edits.

We can find the miraculous in even the most devastating of situatons. All we have to do is look.

Sending love to you all.

And here is the poem in full:

The world is still beautiful

There seems a lot of anxiety in the air at the moment, understandably. But there’s still a great deal to enjoy and be thankful for too.

On Monday 6th April, 11.30-1pm, I will be running an uplifting, online poetry workshop. Goodness knows we need a little light in our lives! This will be a time for us to come together (even if online) and enjoy the transformative powers of writing.

Through writing prompts, reading material, and open discussion, we’ll explore everything there is to appreciate in the world of poems and beyond. Let’s light up our writing rooms, and have some fun!

This workshop will take place online, via skype. A link to the workshop chat will be sent to all booked participants 24 hours before it is due to start.

Level: Open (all welcome)

Cost: £13 (includes eventbrite booking fee)

Book & pay here:


Trauma writing exercise

Here’s a little trauma writing exercise for you all. I’ve used it in several workshops, online and peer sesisons, and it works very well. As always, my primary advice is not to put any expectation on the writing, or the results. Follow you gut, and… Read More

New poem: Cardiff Review

I’m so excited to share this poem with you. This is the title poem to my new, working collection ‘A mountain that is your grief you can’t utter’. Thank you to the Cardiff Review for publishing it! I’ve posted an extract below, and a link… Read More