Alongside her career as a writer, Helen is a fully qualified Creative Practitioner, dance artist and choreographer. She has garnered over 15 years’ experience in the creative sector, working with established professionals, community groups, University students, new learners, and in Early Stages development. She has extensive experience facilitating workshops in poetry and creative writing. She also develops interdisciplinary arts projects exploring the lines of communication between poetry and dance, and regularly choreographs movement for theatre.

Helen began hosting writing projects with  Writing West Midlands, facilitating one of their central youth programs for six years. She has since worked for institutions such as N.A.W.E, Poetry International, Writing East Midlands, The Poetry Library, and Poetry By Heart. In 2016 Helen was appointed Poet-in-residence of Loughborough University, where she is also works as a seminar workshop lecturer, and one-to-one mentor. One of the most important areas of Helen’s work is connecting with isolated and vulnerable communities, including outreach programmes for charities such as Homeless Link, and domestic abuse support such as IDAS. She is currently devising a series of workshops for survivors of domestic abuse.

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VERVE Festival 2017