Verve Poetry Festival Trauma Writing Workshop, Thursday 14th February 2019

Anthology Eighty Four book launch, London, Foyles Book Store, Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Afterbirth, Parenthood & Poetry Festival, London. Sunday 28th April 2019

Malvern Book Co-operative, guest reading with Isabelle Galleymore, May 2019

Liverpool,  June 2019

Greece, The Athens Centre, August 2019

Poetry Bites, guest reading, September 2019

Buzzwords, guest reading April 2020


Helen’s poem ‘A mountain that is your grief you can’t utter’ will be published by the Cardiff Review, March 2019

‘Is conversation dead’ Helen’s new essay on the art of discussion and modern society has been published by Boundless:

Helen’s poems ‘Rope’ and ‘In-a-bad-place-mother’ will be published by Southbank Poetry, Feb 2019

A new poem by Helen has been published by Wild Court:

Helen’s article ‘Don’t hide your grief from your children’, has been published by The Guardian. 

Helen’s new poem ‘Fire Lantern’ was published by IS&T. Read it here

‘Men, just don’t shut up…’ Helen’s new opinion piece on gender politics and male suicide has been published in Boundless: