Outer Music and Inner Music: The Incantations of the Wild











The 23rd of June see’s the return of the Berriew Arts Festival, just a stone’s throw from the parish of R.S. Thomas, in the absurdly beautiful Andrew Logan Gallery, situated on the banks of the River Rhiw.

I’ll be running a writing course that weekend, with inspired river walks, workshops, and one to one tutorials, accompanied by the wonderful writer & poet Paul Henry. There will also be a chance to share and perform your own work to a large and appreciative audience on the Sunday evening, open to all members of the public. ¬†

To celebrate the launch of the festival, I’ve written this – Outer Music and Inner Music: The Incantations of the Wild, published in the Wales Arts Review. This should give you some idea of the angle of the workshop, at least from my perspective. I’m very big on ‘place’ as inspiration – and for this I’ll make no exceptions.