Unable Mother – a journey of motherhood, with V.Press September 2018.


Unable Mother
Unable Mother V.Press

‘This work challenges our abstract and cosy notions of motherhood with a brutal and vulnerable delve into the psyche. Calcutt grapples, sometimes violently, sometimes with aching tenderness, each hard-won line “like squeezing/flesh and fruit from the  bone,/this terrible love”. This is an intimate book, the kind that comes in close to your ear to whisper dark secrets and unavoidable truths. These poems are spare, careful, insistent – and devastatingly good.”  Robert Peake author of The Knowledge





Sudden rainfall with Perdika Press, 2013 PBS Pamphlet 2014

‘An experience both delightful and deliberately unsettling. Working where all is movement, where the apparent solidity of the world is disturbed by the sure spotlight of intense metaphysical probing , Calcutt’s radical diction and subtle vigour combine to teach us exactly what “happens when light changes’ – Perdika Press. 





Inky Lemons Anthology, published by Vanguard Editions, 2018

inky lemons

The Mash-Up Memoir writing project for young women in Hounslow was established in 2017 in response to consultations with young women who told us that they felt voiceless and wanted a platform to be heard and to be creative. Inky Lemons is the anthology of those young women’s writing, including contributions from some of the country’s best poets and novelists. Featuring Mona Arshi, Helen Calcutt, Fran Lock, Rose McGinty, Desiree Reynolds.

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