‘Unable Mother’ – a journey of motherhood, published by V Press, September 4th 2018


Unable Mother
Unable Mother V.Press

‘Helen Calcutt’s poems are full of surprising and intricate moments – they unfold like origami, deftly packing and unpacking themselves into new forms and presenting the reader with confidences, secrets and insight, the tender words for the things that are hard to say. In their explorations of motherhood, loss and discovery, Calcutt’s poetry is steeled with precise language, always finding clarity forged in the heart of experience.  These are intimate poems which are felt in the body, and written with a keen physicality – “love is meant to live on in the body” writes Calcutt, “My flesh making heaven of it.” In their makings and re-makings, each poem here reveals this to be a remarkable and potent debut. ‘ Jane Commane


‘Sudden rainfall’ with Perdika Press, 2013 PBS Pamphlet shortlist 2014

‘An experience both delightful and deliberately unsettling. Working where all is movement, where the apparent solidity of the world is disturbed by the sure spotlight of intense metaphysical probing , Calcutt’s radical diction and subtle vigour combine to teach us exactly what “happens when light changes’ – Perdika Press.