book‘Loaded with surprise…indeed spring-loaded much like Emily Dickinson. Abruptly pointing towards something surprising, and new.” Robert Peake, Poetry Salzburg Reviews (Austria) 2015

Strident and precise, Helen Calcutt’s poems have an unflinching clarity that seeks to renew and refocus how we see the world around us….her writing explores the hinterland between humans and nature, between shifting landscapes and wildness. All the time, her poetry is alive and attentive to the voice’s unique, powerful music.’ – Jane Commane, Nine Arches Press, 2016 

‘Sudden Rainfall, is full of gloriously evocative poems which really stay with you.’ – Stuart Bartholomew, Verve, Waterstones 2017 

“…MONUMENTAL” Dic Edwards

“Helen has a distinct…voice….she manages to merge passion with a restrained critical eye, and comes to her subject armed with a diverse range of cultural interests. Helen makes that difficult transition from artist to critic, whilst retaining the artistry that makes her insight so important in the first place.” Gary Raymond, Wales Arts Review 

“Helen is a fresh voice on the poetry scene possessing a sure touch and a movingly vibrant style ” – Writing West Midlands on Sudden rainfall, 2016

“Calcutt’s new sequence confirms a compelling young voice whose precision and intimate manner offer an experience both delightful and deliberately unsettling. Working where all is movement, where the apparent solidity of the world is disturbed by the sure spotlight of intense metaphysical probing, Calcutt’s radical diction and subtle vigour combine to teach us exactly what “happens when light changes” – Peter Brennan, Perdika Press

“Perdika can celebrate a ‘sudden rainfall’ in one significantly green fringe of what sometimes seems a fast-encroaching desert.” Mario Petrucci

“Beautiful, angular, fluid – her poems weave an alchemical spell” – Greta Stoddart