Unable Mother

‘I strode through the long white grass, with my long white thighs.
I found the summit beneath my feet, I found
the total expanse of my love, 
in the long lifting neck of the sea…’

Unable Mother by Helen Calcutt
‘Unable Mother’ with V Press (2018).

About ‘Unable Mother’

“This work challenges our abstract and cosy notions of motherhood with a brutal and vulnerable delve into the psyche. Calcutt grapples, sometimes violently, sometimes with aching tenderness, each hard-won line “like squeezing/flesh and fruit from the  bone,/this terrible love”. This is an intimate book, the kind that comes in close to your ear to whisper dark secrets and unavoidable truths. These poems are spare, careful, insistent – and devastatingly good.” (Robert Peake, 2018)

**COMING SOON** from V. Press: http://vpresspoetry.blogspot.co.uk/p/our-poets.html

All words © Helen Calcutt 2017

Cover image © Katherine Sheers 2016

Cover artwork © Ruth Stacey